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  • RT @EnglishmanSDCC: Now, here me out: @Paul_Bettany, cast in the lead in a remake of The Rise And Rise Of Reginald Perrin. (Elizabeth… https://t.co/W9XxhyS19C
  • RT @RexChapman: He incited the what? https://t.co/T57FrN2X0q
  • Ah. https://t.co/vX3KA2f4QJ
  • RT @daarkanjel: WildStorm Authority Apollo and Midnighter custom figures by #AshCustoms @THEBRYANHITCH @mrmarkmillar @warrenellis https://t.co/9Nse91ryqn
  • RT @SpitfireAudio: A WORLD IN EVERY PATCH — CDT IS AVAILABLE NOW! Across 72 individual instrument patches and 44 combinations, expres… https://t.co/lBvrBqhlja
  • RT @SpitfireAudio: A WORLD IN EVERY PATCH — CDT ARRIVES TODAY Join us on Youtube tonight (5pm GMT) for the live announcement. Set a… https://t.co/yZCzyjMFc4
  • RT @Manwithapencil: Something I've been working on ;a Buffy / #Lovecraft mash-up. #Buffy and #Giles are confronting one of the #Whately… https://t.co/XjWiLv7T9R
  • Thanks to Angus at @SpitfireAudio for sorting out my sample library woes today. Great customer service and support.
  • RT @SpitfireAudio: LESS THEORY — MORE FEELING: CDT ARRIVES TOMORROW Join us for a special launch day presentation with Spitfire Audio… https://t.co/1pWANwq169
  • RT @POTUS: The time to move forward is now. https://t.co/IrUUu0bxGO
  • RT @theAliceRoberts: 1820 people died today. And those deaths are a completely predictable outcome of a disastrous strategy: a path tha… https://t.co/FeqOaLzRMH
  • WIP https://t.co/SbGgFKQamN
  • with images. Sorry. Sketch is on a sheet of A3 (11 x 17). https://t.co/O9xm5xkBBt https://t.co/0RcKE9tdQI
  • The ten minute Batman V Man Bat sketch from the other day was calling to me so, with an hour to spare I drew up the… https://t.co/Z15jlLvk3J