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A Miracle League Field

A regional Miracle League Field will be located behind the Flanders Elementary School in East Lyme, CT, serving families from Southern CT and Rhode Island.

The East Lyme Parks and Recreation Department has joined forces with the Miracle League of CT to build a Miracle League field on the school grounds of the Flanders Elementary School for children with disabilities from across the region.
Fundraising began in November of 2017 to raise $550,000 necessary to complete construction of the field, which is the first of three phases. As of September 2019, we are just about $50,000 away from starting the field! All funds are being raised through capital campaigns and various fundraisers. 

The Miracle League of Southeastern Connecticut will operate independently, but will continue our affiliation with the Miracle League of CT. By fostering this continuous relationship, we will greatly enhance our ability to serve children with disabilities and their families from across the State of CT and neighboring States!

This will be an extended field which will accommodate other sports such as soccer, flag football and lacrosse on the rectangular portion of the field.  Future plans (Phase 2) include an accessible playground and (PHASE 3) a restroom facility.